TeamWork Group

Promoting team collaboration, integration and learning

The Company

Our vision leads us to assist organizational entities, such as companies, agencies and institutions, to articulate their process bottlenecks in delivering performance objectives, and then to provide them with no-excuse-solutions and pathways to measurable improvements in their mission-critical operations.

Our mission is to use our experience, in business process alignment, in project and program management, and in data management and presentation, to provide organizational entities with a sustainable foundation for managing their operational processes. By leveraging our technology to build a solution that integrates processes with data, our customers, and their clients and partners, can reduce their operational costs and risks while achieving their objectives predictably and cost-effectively.

TeamWork Common Platform is an all-in-one solution that enables our customers to integrate their business processes, while reducing their dependence on tactical, or ad hoc, standalone systems, or silos. With thousands of hours of lessons learned-based development and decades of experience, we are acutely aware of, and strive to help customers to avoid, the pitfalls of single-purpose operational silos in the workplace. We systematically help our customers to replace each of their standalone, spreadsheet-based processes, ad hoc databases and other legacy systems, with an integrated solution set that ensures predictable results, and that is scalable to their needs as they grow.



TeamWork-enabled collaboration ensures transparent communications within, and between, your teams and your clients, contractors, service providers, suppliers, stakeholders.



TeamWork helps to move your teams from the externally integrated silos, that they use now, to an internally integrated, coherent, business rules-based, technically competent single solution.



TeamWork promotes the collection of lessons learned during the event, and enables these to be funnelled into the re-imagined business process that seamlessly deliver the benefits of these lessons.


We'd like to show you how TeamWork can help you to improve your process execution - send us your most complex data spreadsheet and we'll work with it to demonstrate how. Also, we can send you our SLA (service level agreement) on your request.