Your Company, Your Tech

Flexibility and Governance: A Necessary Trade-Off for Using Data? In a world full of hard decisions, we are often required to compromise between what appear to be two undesirable alternatives. Most often, these problems are resolved by accepting a little of the ‘bad’ alongside what is, ideally, a larger helping of the ‘good’. The hope … Continue reading Your Company, Your Tech

The Missing Bridge to your Successful Strategy? Logistics!

Company websites and literature loudly toot their Corporate Objectives, their Mission Statements, and offer nice 'sound bite' forward-looking comments. What's not so clear is the means that they employ to get to the ends that they seek, or that they will employ to meet the customer's needs. Each company or agency or institution has strategic … Continue reading The Missing Bridge to your Successful Strategy? Logistics!

The project ecosystem

Projects evolve, are configured, then executed, and finally completed within a set of company or agency’s business processes. Whether well-defined or not, all of the processes involved in a project combine to define the project’s ecosystem. This post discusses traits of project ecosystems that are common today and discusses how a better, more integrated ecosystem … Continue reading The project ecosystem