Are You Playing Baseball on a Dodecahedron?

If covering the bases, in your project, program or event, seems hard, it is because those bases are on different fields! The dodecahedron shown here represents 12 different fields. And, some of those fields are not visible! This list of 12 different functional systems commonly used to manage your project, program or turnaround event indicates … Continue reading Are You Playing Baseball on a Dodecahedron?

Contract Management Process

Introduction Engaging in contracts is an expensive process. And the potential for loss to the owner is significant. For this reason, having a clearly defined process that is underpinned by a system approach to managing the process is an essential prerequisite to solid contract management. And this keeps the accounting people happy at both the … Continue reading Contract Management Process

Past Plans – Source for Turnaround Lessons Learned

Learn lessons from your past plans. image: The Turnaround Premise - what's the value of Past Plans? Turnarounds are intermittent projects for process plants. For this reason,  you need to staff up for them, starting months before the Execution stage.  To fill the required Turnaround Roles, you use a mix of in-house staff, seconded from … Continue reading Past Plans – Source for Turnaround Lessons Learned

Progress Reporting

Stage Flow Diagram It's time to improve your progress reporting game. And it's not hard to do.  You rightly spend a lot of time preparing to do the work in the 3 preparation stages ahead of the execution stage.  Your current work flow, as shown in the diagram, includes: 1. Strategic Stage - review whether … Continue reading Progress Reporting

Organic Work Flow – in 5 Stages and Gates

Water follows the laws of physics, and flows downhill.  Likewise, work flow is driven by simple logical, almost organic, rules. Ignore the logic, or get in its way, and you have a mess.  Just as you have when the natural flow of water is impeded. In our everyday lives, away from our jobs, we routinely … Continue reading Organic Work Flow – in 5 Stages and Gates

It’s Time to Stop Simply Making Do

At the recent American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers' (afpm) Reliability and Maintenance Conference in San Antonio, I noticed a theme—turnaround, project, and maintenance managers are challenged to do more work while maintaining and running assets. That work could include improved scope development starting 18 months prior to the turnaround, risk analysis, tracking lessons learned, improved … Continue reading It’s Time to Stop Simply Making Do

Solutions and Apps for Managing Work

Introduction: What is Work Management? We all spend some part of our day doing work. The work might depend on walk-in customers, so you can’t predict the number you’ll have in a day. You work as required. A park ranger, for example, measures the work by the traffic through the park, and requirements that may … Continue reading Solutions and Apps for Managing Work