Progress Reporting

Stage Flow Diagram It's time to improve your progress reporting game. And it's not hard to do.  You rightly spend a lot of time preparing to do the work in the 3 preparation stages ahead of the execution stage.  Your current work flow, as shown in the diagram, includes: 1. Strategic Stage - review whether … Continue reading Progress Reporting

Digital Integration: One Solution – Many Apps

Digital integration is baked into the DNA of the TWIST (TeamWork's Integrated Solution Technology) solution.  This makes TWIST a simple and coordinated gateway for your team to benefit from digital integration. Collaboration between team members improves dramatically. TWIST helps you to manage most of your normal business processes in a single integrated solution.  This keeps … Continue reading Digital Integration: One Solution – Many Apps

The project ecosystem

Projects evolve, are configured, then executed, and finally completed within a set of company or agency’s business processes. Whether well-defined or not, all of the processes involved in a project combine to define the project’s ecosystem. This post discusses traits of project ecosystems that are common today and discusses how a better, more integrated ecosystem … Continue reading The project ecosystem

Solutions and Apps for Managing Work

Introduction: What is Work Management? We all spend some part of our day doing work. The work might depend on walk-in customers, so you can’t predict the number you’ll have in a day. You work as required. A park ranger, for example, measures the work by the traffic through the park, and requirements that may … Continue reading Solutions and Apps for Managing Work