Introducing the new Standard for Capital Projects, Turnaround Management and Maintenance Programs

Make the right strategic moves to get your capital projects, turnaround events and maintenance programs off on the right foot. The common platform supports:

  • 5 Stages of work flow (Strategic, Tactical, Logistical, Execution, Completion): 100% Coverage
  • 5 Cost Categories (Labor, Equipment, Materials, Services, Indirect work): 100% coverage
  • 4 Levels of Procedure Management (Stage, Deliverable, Process Step, Assignment): 100% Coverage

and so much more. so you can be ready to go now.

Your team and your stakeholders will thank you.

Read on . .

The Bar for Turnaround Management just got Higher.

Meet your simple, no excuses, all-in (everyone in your team), all-inclusive (all of your processes), common platform for your turnaround and maintenance teams: TeamWork Common Platform.

We do the hard work of connecting the dots so that you can concentrate on moving your people and equipment efficiently to accomplish the project, event or program objectives. All while having a clear view of any potential impediments to completing your work scope safely, and on time because of the integrated, algorithm-driven schedule.

What do you have to do to take advantage of the TeamWork Common Platform?

A few simple steps . . .

  • Contact us at our website or email address provided below;
  • Access your secure, dedicated site after we contact you with secure credentials data; 
  • Upload your packages, the teams that you plan to engage, spreadsheets, etc.;
  • Start to use your common platform, as comfortably as you use LinkedIn.

What do you get?

  • 100% Unlimited user access to TCP (TeamWork Common Platform) for all users including frontline coordinators and leads so you can get instant progress updates.
  • 100% incident tracking and incident mitigation for Safety and Environmental concerns.
  • 100% coverage of acquisition of all cost data from all 5 cost categories.
  • 100% coverage of completion of all procedure steps. This also means you have a place to build and manage your procedures (Stage, Deliverable, Process Step, RACI Assignment) that drives your work flow.
  • 100% coverage of all work, across 5 Workflow Stages, including direct work by contractors, indirect work by staff, capital projects work, Operations sequences and isolations, Inspection and discovery work, change management, QA/QC processes, punch list and package sign-offs.
  • 100% support of integrating with your ERP, retrieving old plans from schedules, spreadsheets and history.
  • 100% integration of contractor and vendor interactions to streamline data flow as well as communications and logistical movements. 

Isn’t it time that your company benefits from the cloud-based tech that you are already using in your mobile devices?

With tight site budgets, this is a good time for saving money and making teams more efficient by using currently available tools that dramatically reduce costs and increase quality.

You benefit no matter what your role: Site Manager, Event Manager, IT Manager, Department Manager, Coordinator (based on work type or discipline), Field Lead, Contractor staff, Vendor agent, Service Provider staff.

If you are a part of the team, you have a seat at the TeamWork Common Platform virtual table.