Chocolate Plant Dry Line Turnaround Demo: Day Minus 20

This is the first in a series of blog articles outlining steps that we take to get ready for the Chocolate Plant’s Dry Line Turnaround. It is day Minus 20 – 20 days to the turnaround.

Some basics about the demo

This plant is fictitious and, while we try to be realistic with the sample data, we will get a few things wrong. If you see something weird, and you want to ‘fix’ it – do so. And if you can’t due to lack of access – just ask. You can use the built-in Conversation tool, available on each row in the common platform, to do so:

We’re keeping the scope small – but, if you wish to make it bigger, all you have to do is duplicate a few work packages for the equipment assets in your turnaround.
We’ll move packages through a logical flow that begins with reviewing each Opportunity – ERP (SAP Notification) or an Operations-entered work request;

  • Strategic – screening and risk analysis and departmental reviews, including safety;
  • Tactical – detailed planning, with logic, and estimating;
  • Logistical – provisioning of materials and labor via POs and Contracts, mob, kit;
  • Execution – shut down, isolate (LOTO), inspect, work, QA/QC, de-Isolate, start up;
  • Completion – De-mob, lessons learned, archive.

This is a sandbox, so we can address any issues that arise and not worry about breaking anything.
More comments about this will inevitably happen. The greater good is that this is a play area to enable turnaround (and Maintenance, Operations, Inspection, Engineering, Safety, Environmental, and so on) people to think through a flow, and also to train new people in the field on the flow that helps them to skill-up to quickly become an integral member of the team.

This instance is based on a fictitious owner company, Adelaide Chocolate. Contractors and service providers can have a dedicated TeamWork common platform that empowers them to have a common internal process, while being able to address the disparate needs of their clients.

Ok. Lets review the state of play on Day Minus 20.

Event app – Day Minus 20

The Event app is an easy one-stop to review the overall state of play. As with each of the apps in the common platform, a dashboard is configurable to consistently display required data. The Event app dashboard currently shows this:

6 packages are in the Strategic Stage, awaiting screening and risk assessment.
2 packages are in the Tactical stage.
2 packages are in the Logistical stage.

Turnaround Manager review

Based on this, I can see that we need to get more packages screened in strategic, estimated in Tactical so they can get into the Logistical stage so that Procurement can get quotes for materials, select a vendor, issue a PO and have the materials be delivered, kitted and ready for crews on July 5.

More in the next blog. Your questions, observations and feedback will also drive the direction that we go with this. So feel free to engage. We’re open to suggestions and ideas, as we share what we have learned in this business.