Digital Integration: One Solution – Many Apps

Digital integration is baked into the DNA of the TWIST (TeamWork’s Integrated Solution Technology) solution.  This makes TWIST a simple and coordinated gateway for your team to benefit from digital integration. Collaboration between team members improves dramatically. TWIST helps you to manage most of your normal business processes in a single integrated solution.  This keeps things simple in small, user-focused, easy to use apps. Many companies currently use different systems to manage each of their business processes. With TWIST, the number of these systems may be whittled down at a rate that suits your business needs. Your data is always safe and ready to be used and re-used in the cloud. Just like your photos, music and banking information already is. Safe and Secure.

Business Process Review – Value Added with TWIST’s Digital Integration

The table illustrates the breadth of digital integration of the TWIST solution. The first column lists some of your common business processes.  The next column includes a list of typical systems in use to manage these processes.  The third column has a comment about how TWIST adds value. Product and company names are used for illustrative and informational purposes only. You will see that you can make life much easier for your in-house teams by integrating them in a single solution.

Business Process Common Solutions Value Added by TWIST’s Digital Integration
BPM (business process management) MS Visio, MS Word Digital integration enables the capture of a business process, and uses this process to direct the flow.  This ensures complete adherence to flow considerations. This is a huge improvement over the current situation in your team.
BD (Business Development or CRM) MS Excel, CRM apps Your client’s current projects and contacts are available to project teams and the BD team. This digital integration enables effective, real-time information on current projects.
HR (Human Resources Management) MS Excel, ERPs Due to digital integration, HR people may be assigned to one or more project rosters. Time and Work Management apps leverage digital integration to minimize data re-entry.
HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) MS Excel, HSE apps Digital integration enables links to HR people, removing need to re-entry. This ensures a consistent application of HSE processes and procedures.  Standard checklists may be followed consistently.
QA/QC (Quality Assurance / Quality Control) MS Excel Digital integration with HR data removes the need to separately enter Inspector data.  This enables use of the material take-off (MTO) to drive the pre-commissioning and commissioning phases.
PM (Project or Program Management) MS Excel Digital integration is Project Management includes a summary of each of the 5 stages in the work management process.  These include: Strategic or Initiation; Tactical or Detailed Planning / Estimating; Logistical or Procurement Cycle; Execution or Work and Pre-commission; Completion or Commissioning / Closeout.  Aspects displayed include: Performance measures and statistics for Safety, Quality, Cost and Schedule in each stage.
Scope Management (includes Work Orders, Change Orders, Risk Mitigation Work, CWPs, FIWPs, etc) MS Excel Digital integration provides a single place to manage all scope including changes and from risk mitigation measures. These scope entries serve as a foundation for subsequent Estimating and Planning.
Risk Assessment MS Excel Digital integration provides a central place to assess risk on new work scope or on existing assets.  These directly link to the scope and action items for mitigating risk.
Document Control / Drawing Manager MS SharePoint, MS Excel Project-specific documents are easily managed in a digital integration-enhancing, single location for the project.  These documents are accessible by all team members, including Estimators, QA/QC and Field Execution teams.
MTO (Material Take Off) MS Excel Digital integration enables model dumps to be imported. If no dumps are available, manual entry is supported. This data is used to populate Estimate for Pre-bid work. Digital integration moves this data into Requisitions to start the Procurement cycle in post-bid work.
Estimating MS Excel, Hard Dollar Digital integration enables MTO data as a starting point for estimating. Estimate the required Labor, Equipment, Materials and Services to complete the work. In post bid, this data is used to budget to a WBS (work breakdown structure) and to start the procurement cycle for materials, rentals and services.
Planning MS Project, Oracle Primavera, MS Excel Digital integration enables links to the estimated data to provide a timeline, like an s-curve, for project costs. The scheduled plan may be captured as a snapshot of the current schedule.  This provides an audit trail, and may be used a a target schedule.
Budgeting MS Excel Digital integration enables the use of the estimate and the company and/or project WBS to build a cost control baseline.
Procurement ERP, MS Excel Digital integration enables the use of Estimate data to begin the procurement cycle in Requisitions.  This enables Procurement staff to build RFQ / RFB (request for quote or bid) for a slate of approved vendors to quote or bid against.  Next is the capture of the quotes / bids.  Assigning a winning vendor to each line in the RFQ / RFB is now easy, and documented. Issue a PO (purchase order) to each vendor and obtain their sign-off after dealing with questions and clarification requests. Receive materials, rentals and services to complete the project-focused Procurement cycle.
Contract MS Excel, MS Word For contractors, digital integration links each contract deliverable or pay item to the project WBS.  Digital integration ensures that earned value in the project translates to a green light to bill the right amount.
Execution MS Excel, Oracle Primavera, MS Project Uses the delivery dates and received dates, from Procurement Cycle, to drive the execution plan. Provides crew-specific work  lists for each day, if needed. Digital integration enables resource leveling based on limited resource availability to ensure work lists are reasonable and workable.
Scheduling (Planned value) MS Project, Oracle Primavera, MS Excel The built-in scheduling engine delivers many benefits including period-based milestone support.  This reduces data management of schedule by a minimum of 50%.  Chained relationship support, which delays predecessor work based on a successor’s resource limits is an added benefit.  The ‘always-on’, live schedule ensures that schedule data is always current.  Digital Integration requires real time updates for accuracy.
Progress Reporting (Earned value) MS Excel TWIST Includes complete support for AACEI and PMI methods of measuring earned value based on progress entry.  Digital integration enables this progress to earn value against the baseline budget.
Timekeeping (Incurred value) MS Excel, Track TWIST supports complete project and worked item-based time keeping for shift, day, week.  Digital integration removes the need for manual pro-rating of time against budgeted WBS.
Rentals MS Excel Using digital integration, track each equipment or site trailer, etc. from the day it arrives and is on rent, until it is shipped away.  This helps to control runaway rental costs.
Cost Control MS Excel With digital integration, use the project budget and project schedule and progress reports to build a dashboard of project performance.  Contractors may view true expense cost versus billed costs.
Invoice Control (Accounts Payable) ERP Digital integration enables the entry of Invoices against received procured items.  This ensures that only procured items are valid as Expended costs.
Billing (Accounts Receivable) ERP Digital integration enables contractors to use the system to bill for project costs with no need for additional entry into spreadsheets.
Payroll ERP Digital integration enables the use of the rates tables to determine costs as well as payroll amounts.  A payroll system or ERP can import data from the time management system.
Meeting Management MS Outlook Meeting action items are initiated, using digital integration, to ensure that they are tracked to completion
File Management MS Sharepoint Digital integration enables attached files to be stored as data.  It is easy to find these files through its attached object.  Related objects include: Project, Contract, WBS, work package, Equipment, etc.  This removes the need for a file-based storage of these files. TWIST can access files in Sharepoint if needed, using a saved URL.
Rates Management MS Excel Standard billable rates for non-manual and manual labor, equipment, consumables and services can all be defined and maintained.  Digital integration makes these rates available for project use.  
Shop/Warehouse MS Excel, ERP The company warehouse or the project shop can help with management of inventory, which includes materials, tools and supplies as well as rentals.  Digital integration helps to facilitate the recording and shipping of received and issued items. 

These examples are simply a starting point in describing the various ways that you can bend this solution to meet your needs.  Your cost for this is a fraction of the cost of conventional development methods.  This does not include the savings generated by shedding of systems and wasted time by team members working solo in silos.

Talk to us. Send us a spreadsheet that describes your business flow or problem.  We’ll show you an easy on-ramp to the promised benefits of digital integration. Learn more at our website , or leave us your info and we’ll contact you.