Digitally Transform your Project or Turnaround

Digital Transformation, or DT, is the buzzword, or acronym, of the moment. Like many buzzwords (recent examples are Social media, mobile, big data, analytics, Internet of Things or IoT), it took years to catch on, and now has a bandwagon effect – everyone wants on the bandwagon and defines what they do as digitally transformation.

In this short article, we’ll use a set of Questions, like a survey, to help you review conditions in your projects or turnarounds, or any business-critical process in your company. Using this data, you’ll be more aware of the aspects of digital transformation that would add quality, and value, to your project and turnaround teams’ output; and directly improve your company’s bottom line: ex. (

Let’s get started. First, get your mind focused on a business process that you are involved with. For projects and turnarounds, process examples include: Scope development and approval; Bid preparation; Estimating; Budgeting; Planning; Scheduling; Execution Cost Control; Procurement Cycle; Quality Control; Reliability Inspection; Timekeeping and approval; Invoice verification – to name a few. Now with your process in mind, answer each of these questions:

Name of Process or Deliverable?

  1. Is this Process or Deliverable a defined part of a defined Stage in the your standard Project or Turnaround? Yes/No
  2. Does this process or deliverable require review, input and/or approval of others? Yes/No
  3. If Yes, Does the system notify the associates whose input/action is required? Yes/No
  4. If Yes, are you notified when that input is completed or is going to be delayed? Yes/No
  5. Are required approvals and reviews done in the system, i.e outside of meetings? Yes/No
  6. Do others in your team have a view of progress of the process, deliverable and stage, ex. In a dashboard or screen? Yes/No
  7. Are Indirect manhours added for Responsible/Approver/Reviewer actions for each scope (work order, change order, etc.)? Yes/No
  8. Is data entry for this process supported in the system with your process management? Yes/No
  9. Is progress entry view-able and update-able on mobile devices? Yes/No
  10. Can you duplicate asset-related data from previous projects or turnarounds? Yes/No
  11. Can you build a commodity-based benchmark system for use in future projects/turnarounds? Yes/No
  12. Are Process/Deliverable KPI measures, to help drive improvement, built in to the system? Yes/No

We kept this list small in order to stay focused on critical items. Let us know if we missed something of concern to you. Any ‘No’ answers indicate that you could benefit from the collaborative, integrated, intelligent and available improvements delivered by a solution that has the built-in technology to support these attributes. Repeat this for additional processes.

TeamWork Group has evolved its TWIST solution to deliver on all of these aspects. We have honed our skills and obtained useful knowledge while working with our clients: on construction sites; in engineering offices; on maintenance shop floors; in corporate PMOs; in process plants; wherever people were doing the work.

While we have pitched TWIST as an Integrated, Collaborative solution to bring all of your critical processes, including the definition of the business processes into a single solution, today’s buzzword for what TWIST does is: Digital Transformation. So, we’ll go with the flow, and embrace this term and work to ensure that our customers are well-served in adopting these new technologies.

We’re ready to continue this conversation with your team – regardless of the buzzword of the day. We’ll be glad to provide you with a secure ( access to your own secure site, where you can answer these questions for each business process, and then use your answers as a justification for getting your team on to the ‘on-ramp’ to your own organic, digitally transformed experience (DTX)! No cost to look and try, so it’s low risk.