Integrate your Routine with Turnaround, Shutdown and Outage Work Management

Despite performing maintenance on a routine basis (i.e. between planned turnarounds, shutdowns), by doing PMs (preventive maintenance work) on schedule, surprise outages and slowdowns will happen.

At times like these you need an easy way to review prospective, planned and materialized work orders, or ‘ready’ work, for inclusion in the ‘pop-up’ outage, shutdown or slowdown.

An ‘always on’, plant-wide, Planning and Scheduling process ensures that ready work orders, even with partial completion, are easily shunted into the work scope for the pop-up outage or slowdown, in minutes instead of in hours or days. The reverse process can be done, just as easily, in the event that work that was not completed in a planned turnaround, can be seamlessly merged into the daily maintenance backlog. Here, the work is available to be scheduled to be worked subject to the built-in prioritization business rules and available resources.

This helps the planning team to effectively align contractors, vendors, the Operations customer and your maintenance teams for Inspection, QA/QC, HSE, etc. to get the work ready to execute by ensuring that the right scope is visible to all of the team in real time.

In this way, Execution, whether Turnaround or Routine, can proceed smoothly and without surprises, and the plant or facility can be placed back on line, safely, and with high confidence.

Also, as all of your regulatory, and business requirements apply to both routine and non-routine work, your QA/QC and Inspection and HSE teams, that are already trained to manage these aspects, are consistently leveraged to ensure successful and safe outcomes.

You have an integrated plant. Use integrated, digitalized processes to manage it.