The Long and Winding Road to a New Normal

Export Cost Data to Excel

Export Billing Data to Excel

These are menu options requested by users so that they can see, and manipulate, pivot, group, analyze their data in Excel.

Excel has been a tool for just these types of analyses for years, so it’s not surprising that Excel exponents would feel more comfortable doing their analyses in the comfort zone of a familiar utility.

In fact, I feel that this is a necessary ‘buy-in’ step towards their ‘aha’ moment – when they realize that the Excel portion of their analysis is redundant. The solution that delivers the Excel data has the ability to provide all of the analysis that they need. They just need to know that and to look for their answers there.

When they get to the end of that long and winding, cognitive, road, they’ll actually save some time and will enjoy a new normal.

Until then, it’s always: ‘Have it your way’.