An Empowered R & R – Roles and Responsibilities

Companies expend much effort in defining the Roles in a turnaround or project or program, and then, the Responsibilities for each of these roles. Sometimes these change for each phase of the event. Additionally, each responsibility action may require the sign-off of an accountable person.

This work is carefully done in Word files – which are not integrated to and system that can provide measurables. And, as we all know, if you don’t measure it, you wont know if you’ve improved it.

Did the responsible person do an action item? When? What result was observed? Did it have to be repeated? How Often? Should another item have preceded this? How long did this take? Was it longer than expected? These, and many other questions and answers can be used to tangibly improve your process, instantly or after suitable review.

Integrating this, and a measurement system, into your role-driven data system is critical if you are committed to improving your business – and who is not?

Other benefits that accrue when you do this, include the ability to have a realistic estimate of your indirect costs, overhead manpower and other resources that are needed to properly execute the turnaround, project or program to the business’s expected standards.