Re-start your plant – using our cloud-based turnaround management solution

  • Strategic Planning and Timelines – to get all of your major components back on line, you need to build a team, review major work items, perform a high-level estimate, create a high-level plan, identify target dates.
  • Detailed Planning and Cost Estimating – we accept your asset list as a basis for building work orders against them; we can even import your past schedules and ERP data to provide you with a baseline for future plans; build new plans based on knowledge of previous plans.
  • Coordinate with Contractors, Suppliers, Vendors, Owners, Team Members to ensure that your manpower, materials and equipment needs are met, with no surprises; Coordinate with other owners timelines to share scarce resources; Keep everyone in the loop with minimal meeting time wastage; Obtain alerts for items heading towards overrun or delay; Establish and communicate safe work practice; Integrate request and issuing of Operations’ Safe Work Permits;
  • Integrate Operations shutdown schedule with ‘safe-ing’ each unit; track progress and incurred time for each planned work item; Track your Earned vs. Burned each day to ensure effort remains on track and provides a tool to help adjust the plan to ensure time and cost objectives are met; Track safe work measures; Track quality assurance actions based on specifications;
  • Perform safe start-up following completion and sign-off of work; review planned vs. actual to determine lessons learned; modify processes for the next turnaround.

TeamWork Group is ready to help your team work efficiently together with all your stakeholders, with a minimum of wasted effort and a minimum of scarce manpower. All you need is a login to get started! No software to be installed, no hardware to be bought – you can work from a mobile device, if needed.

Contact us at or or Clarence Monteiro on 360-840-4649