No Place to Hide

Each employee-maintained spreadsheet or document file in your business is a patch of your data landscape that is hidden from other employees.

As workers spend ‘company time’ carefully building complex spreadsheets, documents, presentations that only they understand and use, mission critical data is managed in isolation and out of view of a worker’s peers.

Privacy may be important for personal data, but spending company time building a private spreadsheet seems like a recipe for increased inefficiency in a company’s operations. In the 90s, companies started, at huge cost, to address this issue by implementing ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems. Ironically, these systems were so rigid, that employees quickly resorted to wholesale exporting of ERP data to spreadsheets, triggering an even bigger rate of spreadsheet creation. Check your file folders to see the sheer number of these files.

Auditing these spreadsheets is a costly undertaking that is seldom undertaken because of these costs. It seems, to me, that an easy to use, integrated solution that ensures that all of a company’s critical data moves from spreadsheets to a common area, and is available to be re-used by other company personnel, thus removing the need for re-entry of data. This would serve the company’s need to reduce costs and increase efficiency. And which company is not constantly seeking to improve their processes?

Quality, hard-earned data should have no place to hide in a modern company. Get your mission critical data out of spreadsheets and documents and into a shared database. For those of you concerned about sensitive data, you can use effective, role-based access management to ensure that sensitive shared data is only visible to the right people, with the right roles. Make this data available via the cloud to ensure your team has 24×7 access to the right information always, from anywhere. It’s time to use today’s technology to help your business improve its bottom line.

Bring your data out of the darkness. Be not afraid.