Safe Work Permits – Cost-effective Improvement Opportunity

To ensure that your field team operates safely, your company requires the issuance of safe work permits for a variety of jobs being done in a potentially hazardous environment. Such safe work permits include:

  • Hot Work Permit – important in a hydrocarbon-intensive environment;
  • Confined Space Entry Permit – confined spaces are hazardous for a variety of reasons;
  • Excavation Permit – ensures that digging process is safe – including precheck for utilities;
  • Fresh Air Permit – a requirement for fresh air;

Your planner is tasked with identifying each of these requirements.

This adds a repetitive burden to the work load, when this information has already been identified on work previously done in the area. An easier approach is to tag each equipment asset with the required Permit(s). Tags will then show in the execution plan, with no further attention from the planner. The planner can add to these system tags – with additional notes and instructions to suit the specific situation on the ground, ex. Night work, work in windy conditions, etc.

So, to use the system to predictably drive the need for permits:

  • Tag each Equipment asset with the permit type(s) needed
  • Tag each Welder, boilermaker or pipefitter resource code with a reminder to require a Hot Work Permit;
  • Tag each crane resource requirement with a reminder to get a Heavy Lift permit.

This approach reduces the opportunities to make a mistake and miss identifying a Safe Work Permit requirement.

Integrate this process in your planning and execution and you have now improved the work experience and reduced the costs of compliance, while improving the quality of that compliance!