TWIST as a Service for your next Turnaround, Shutdown or Outage

The easy button for a complex event

The Problem

Your plant, or a part of it, is to be ‘turned around’ in 12 months or more. You want to ensure that all members of your company teams, and the contractors that will help you, are always on the same page, along with the Safety, Inspection and Operations teams. This is a big project that involves costs of $1,000,000 or more a day – not including lost revenue due to no production during the turnaround. Integration, Collaboration and Communication will help ensure that things go well, ie.: no one gets hurt; the plant starts up on time; costs are controlled; no environmental issues affect your neighbors; and you have no problems starting up the plant.

You have done many of these turnarounds before, yet you know that you keep re-inventing the process, mostly due to newer team members not having learned from the lessons that were learned by their predecessors.

Spreadsheets are massaged; meetings are large and not very productive; timely permits are consistently a bottleneck; time entry is cumbersome and expensive and not accurate; The list goes on – you can add to it based on your experiences.

Today, you manage your turnaround with a number of tools and people – for readiness, scope development and optimization, procurement, timekeeping, cost control, scheduling. It takes a many people, each working in his/her/their silo and trailer, who then share their reports via emails and in meetings. This is the way it’s always been. All that’s changed is that more people now work in more spreadsheets and systems and this means data is more fragmented (i.e. not integrated) than it ever was.

It’s time for a change to a better, less costly, more sustainable, more predictable, less complex to learn and use approach, that that uses tools available today. Everyone in your workforce is already familiar with using apps on their smartphone. You need a system that works like apps do – easy, no learning and with great results.

The Solution

You need a single system, with all of your stakeholders, planning and execution teams working off the same data. This includes scope development, estimating, budget development, procurement of long-lead and off-the-shelf items, delivery tracking, tool shop management and also management of the time spent (incurred) by each contractor and company team member. There should be no place to hide your data. Hours worked must contribute to incurred cost immediately. Materials procured immediately affects cost and schedules immediately show the delaying effects of based on commitment and committed date. There is no need to re-enter the data – they are re-used as needed by the reports and dashboards to always present a current picture of the turnaround / shutdown / outage / project health in your 5 major aspects: Safety, Environment, Cost, Schedule and Quality.

Some of you have also worked hard to build your own system. We understand your pain – we’ve experienced it as well. Luckily, our hard-won experience and laser focus on improving the game for all turnaround management teams is what makes our results more sustainable and all-encompassing.

The Service

TeamWork Group is happy to present a service that we have developed over 30 plus years that includes all of the lessons learned in real turnarounds / shutdowns / outages / projects in plants and refineries: TeamWork Integrated Solutions Technology (TWIST). TWIST is your answer to the nagging issues of poor and inefficient communications in meetings; non-collaborative use of budget, commitments, incurred, expended, workforce and other data; and the lack of integration between systems and teams.

TeamWork Group offers this service on line – the only software tool each user needs is a system or device that has a Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Apple Safari browser.
TWIST service is quoted and billed on a per turnaround / shutdown / outage / project basis, with discounts for multiple events or multi-year contracts. Support for a turnaround /shutdown / outage / project starts approximately 1 year prior to the execution phase and continues for approximately 1 year after startup or commissioning.

The cost for the service is a fraction of the costs that you now incur due to multiple handling of the same data by many people in a silo-ized environment.

What can you expect to be included in this service?

  • 24×7 access for each member (no user count) of each of your teams – including company and contractor users;
  • Standard Management reports and dashboards for Safety, Quality, Environmental, Cost and Schedule;
  • Initial Data Imports from ERP, data or spreadsheet-based systems;
  • Pre-Turnaround / Pre-Shutdown Readiness tracking;
  • Scope development, including collaboration tools for discussions with Operations, Inspection, etc.;
  • Estimating – of labor, equipment, materials, consumables, services and subcontractor costs;
  • Budgeting of costs as a baseline for tracking costs;
  • Planning of sequential, resource-loaded equipment and system-based work;
  • Scheduling of work based on available resources from company and contractor pools, and based on the turnaround / shutdown / outage milestones;
  • Change management to track changes to the Budget and Schedule based changes in scope or trends due to extenuating circumstances such as weather and unexpected events;
  • Procurement management, from material take-off, to estimate, to requisition to request for quotes (RFQ); to purchase order (PO), to receiving (MRR) or materials, consumables, equipment rentals and services;
  • Quality management of received materials;
  • Tracking of Risks and Hazards and Safety incidents and mitigation measures;
  • Time management of all crafts based on timesheet entry against planned work items;
  • End to End Earned value management-based (EVM) Cost management and reports – a result of the rest of the data already being in the system – with no need for any additional entry or management;
  • Company and Contractor rate management ensures that accurate rates are used in determination of labor, equipment, materials and services costs – this data is protected for each contractor and company;
  • HR-related data for company and contractor people – including attendance and leave management;
  • Invoice accrual and validation against issued POs;
  • Gate entry/exit log used to validate time reported;

You get the picture – we really do mean one system to manage your turnaround.

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