Why TeamWork Integrated Solutions Technology? An Answer to a New Developer or Analyst

TeamWork Integrated Solutions Technology – that’s a mouthful.  It does, however, provide a solid start to understanding what TeamWork Group does, why it does it and how this helps our clients.  This article reviews the broad reasons that our solution is needed in the marketplace, and the means that we have adopted to provide the solution.  Finally it also discusses why our approach is compelling, while differing from much of what is available in the market in 2017.  In the incessant noise of the technology job world, we think that an explanation such as this is useful for people looking for both a career as well as a mission that is sustainable.

The Market for Technology Solutions

Virtually any business today, regardless of size, relies heavily on the use of spreadsheets to manage critical data.  Companies (including agencies and institutions) with deep pockets for a deep bench of IT people may also have a strategic data solution – such as an enterprise resource planning system (ERP).  Much money has been spent on deploying expensive ERPs and for consulting services following the deployment of such systems. Rather than reducing spreadsheet usage, however, ERP limitations cause users to export even more data to spreadsheets in order to accomplish basic tasks.  An ERP is a behemoth of a database that requires expensive consulting resources to navigate the terrain.

TeamWork Solutions stands in contrast to such systems, by being much less expensive and intuitive and easy to configure to meet virtually any data management need.

Because of the ‘unwieldiness’ of enterprise systems, people use spreadsheets to expedite their work. A TeamWork System Analyst can quickly adapt these spreadsheet needs into sustainable processes, thus enabling our clients to focus on their core business mission, rather than engaging in complex wrangling of spreadsheet-based models of their data.

Mobile and social media apps have shown the importance and the pervasiveness of collaboration and integration.  These abilities are integral to cloud-based apps – with data delivered to users on platforms and devices of their choice.  TeamWork Solutions has tightly linked collaboration opportunities to each data line in each app.  This means team members can discuss a data item specifically – rather than generally in an email, as is now done.

With over 20 years of integration with ERPs, we can also co-exist and leverage ERP data, so that customers who have already invested in these technologies can increase their return on those investments by using the data warehouse concepts built into TeamWork Solutions.

TeamWork Group’s Technology

What makes us different? Simply put, we have, over 20 years, developed a metadata method that enables quick, error-free configuration of solutions which we call ‘apps’.  We configure each app to support the daily tasks that a person’s role requires him/her/they to perform.  This focus on Role, and our acceptance that a user, department or company can have different requirements today than they did yesterday, is what makes us different.  Our experience makes us comfortable that we can easily deliver the solutions expected with less effort than is needed with ERPs.

Our databases are hosted in the cloud and are backed up to alternate locations in the cloud – thus ensuring redundancy in the case of disaster recovery procedures.

Our proprietary, next generation, data communication manager (which we call NextGen or NG) is at the core of our solution.  It acts as the traffic cop that gets requests from the client, directs the request to the database, then gets the result from the database and sends the requested information, properly packaged, back to the client.

The client is a standard browser that does additional processing to format the results for the client user to view.

TeamWork developers are engaged in each level of this stack of software – which gives us control over the end user experience.

TeamWork Group Team

We recruit TeamWork System Analysts local to the area that our clients operate.  The internet has enabled us to work with you as long as you have an internet connection. Training, for the technically adept,  is quick (4 weeks) and results are seen by the client in days or weeks instead of months and years.

As our potential clients include 1000s of contractors in the US and Canada, 1000s of City, County and Local Government entities, TeamWork Group’s potential need for System Analysts is huge.  We have also worked with owner companies to help manage their assets in maintenance environments.

We are doing due diligence in preparing repeatable processes and documenting techniques that will enable quick knowledge transfer to TeamWork System Analysts as they come on board.

Want to Join Us?

As stated previously, we are always looking to meet and connect with technically adept people that could fill the role of system analysts.  As our client base increases, we’ll be able to engage in an employer to employee, business to contractor, or business to business relationship – depending on what makes sense for you.