The FUD Factor

Our contacts in the process industry have an interesting response pattern of late.

In unspoken (body language) and spoken and written communications, we note a reticence to explore yet another avenue to improving business processes.

They have been so bombarded with systems that have led to an alphabet soup of methodologies and practices that simply add to their daily workload and leaves them in fear of more-of-the-same.

Despite the amazing utility of the cloud in all aspects of our lives, they remain uncertain of how this could help them in their work environment.

While they do see, and understand, the inherent value of integrated systems, they doubt that any such system exists, and if it did, its costs would be prohibitive.

So, these three emotions: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) conspire to make the team keep on keeping on with the status quo. Nothing changes.

Those who do overcome the FUD factor, and are lucky enough to have a great partner (admittedly, a crucial caveat) reap the rewards of more intelligent use of data and thus their people’s time.

These intrepid companies gain an edge in the increasingly cost-competitive landscape.