The Road to Operations Management Excellence

The Road

Over 20 years with TeamWork Group, we have helped major clients manage work in many different environments, including:

  • Turnaround management for process plants
  • Routine maintenance for  for process plants
  • Construction management for contractors
  • Infrastructure management for pipeline companies
  • Capital Projects management for plant and facility owners

These clients span from the West Coast to the East Coast and from Canada’s Oil Sands to Texas’s Gulf Coast. We spent time in the field, and on the shop floor, working with people that did the work of construction, fabrication, maintenance and inspection.

The Learning

The big commonalities of issues and concerns in each of these diverse environments were:

  • Lack of true collaboration – evidenced by numerous, wasteful meetings with much repetitive messaging;
  • Lack of a consistent adherence to business process – evidenced by people doing their own thing, ex. create an ad hoc spreadsheet to manage your project data, and duplicate lists of work in different departments;
  • Lack of integration of data – again evidenced by spreadsheet over-usage as well as a reliance on a rigid ERP system, and use of data islands or silos – like Scheduling and Cost Management;
  • Lack of an ‘Improvement ethos’ – little focus on learning about what did not work as well as expected and tweaking the process to improve the company’s performance – instead people had a ‘keep your head down’ attitude.

As we continue to work with clients, it’s obvious that these issues are not specific to just the environments we’ve worked in.  These are issues present broadly, across all sectors, wherever people perform processes and use systems.

Many companies have already attempted to solve these issues by implementing  enterprise resource management (ERP) systems.  These systems have been installed and implemented, at a high cost, and have yielded decidedly mixed (less than stellar) results.

The Result

While meeting the needs of our customers, we have paid attention to each of the gaps and are happy to report that TeamWork Group has evolved a set of solutions that systematically addresses all of the issues that we see affecting each of our clients.  TeamWork Integrated Solution Technology, or TWIST, is an integrated, collaboration-enabled, business process-driven, learning-focused system that will provide significant mission-critical value to your department or division or company or agency or institution.  To minimize your costs even further, it is delivered on the secure, always available internet. You do not need to buy hardware or software to use the system.

How You can Get On Board

In order to quickly demonstrate the viability, reality and accuracy of these assertions, we will create a private, secure (HTTPS) url for you to operate with your company people and data – at no cost to you while you learn about how the system can help you.  All we need is your name and company email address and we’ll get you started.  We’ll be glad to agree to non-disclosure requirements, and our own privacy rules prevent us from disclosing client information.