Expected Benefits

This was the title of a paragraph in a publically available RFP document for an organization seeking a Capital Projects Management System. The paragraph enunciates the benefits that they expect and these seem useful to repeat here, as a way to illustrate a way that effective teams stack the deck for success in system deployment and adoption.

a. Efficiency Gains by:

  • Adopting consistent processes within and between departments;
  • Using standard processes, workflows, reports, dashboards to increase automation;
  • Improving collaboration between project stakeholders

b. Data Accuracy (Quality) Improvement by:

  • Having a single system of record for projects;
  • Reducing repetitive data entry into silo spreadsheets;
  • Increasing integration with legacy systems

c. Improved decision making and project management by:

  • Improving access to current project status;
  • Enabling access to historical data for current and completed projects