Hold up a mirror – reflect your progress to your client

Timely reporting helps to keep your primary stakeholder, i.e. your client, in the loop and in your corner as support in high-level meetings.

Much time is spent by project teams to get the monthly report ‘just right’ for client consumption. This creativity is not needed and can serve to obscure critical issues that would benefit from early exposure to your integrated team – that includes your project/program stakeholders. We have configured a Portfolio app to enable project teams to expose timely data directly to their clients. No additional report creation is needed. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are created and made available for review by the project team, then the reports and associated data are flagged for visibility to the client.

This is yet another way that integration of systems leads to improved, leaner communication and a ‘no-surprises’ approach to project and program management.

You client will appreciate this shorter, no-spin, less costly ‘mirror’ approach to reporting mission-critical data.