Why TeamWork Solutions?

TeamWork Solutions is your secret weapon to get a lot more done with a fraction of the effort that you are expending by using unintegrated, disconnected and disparate tools and team members.

Do you feel this pain?

Do this. Make a list of the software tools you (or the team you support) used yesterday – just for your job – ignore the ones on your mobile device.  Does this list include spreadsheets (like Excel), text managers (like Word) for meeting notes, email (like Outlook or GMail), presentation tools (like Powerpoint) for snazzy reports and slides, scheduling systems (like Project or Primavera), ERPs (like SAP, Maximo, Oracle)?

Do you, and your team, feel that there ought to be an integrated way to work with all of the data in each of these systems?  Do you suspect that much of the information is handled in multiple places somewhat randomly? Do you agree that meetings and emails that discuss specific issues in your project (like a module or an equipment item or a person) should be available to others that access that module, equipment or person’s data?

Are you routinely exporting data from your ERP or scheduling system to an Excel spreadsheet?  Ever get the feeling that some of this data transfer should happen, and be processed in a more streamlined, and therefore, less wasteful and costly way?

Are you resigned to thinking that “This is just the way it is.  I’ll just have to deal with it.”

Or do you feel that: “There is nothing out there that can help us deal with these issues.  Disparate, disconnected, spreadsheets for procurement systems, warehouse systems, timekeeping systems, estimating systems, budgeting systems, receiving systems, equipment lists, cost reporting, scheduling, etc. are just part of the job.  We simply have to suck it up and deal with it.”  Right?

Read on for a different perspective.

A new paradigm

Your data, your way, on demand, no excuses.

This is a tall claim!  How can anyone deliver on this open-ended scope?

TeamWork Solutions apps are configured to meet specific business needs in support of your business.  The secret ingredients – the things that help us make TeamWork Solutions magic work include 3 primary elements:

  • A data entry and presentation development toolkit,
  • a cloud-based system to make you able to work from anywhere, and
  • people focused on listening to your specific business-driven requirements and providing you with your focused solutions.

Let’s review each of these briefly.

TeamWork App Toolkit

Each app presents its data to you in a tab with a spreadsheet – this is a favorite way of viewing data.  Columns may be moved, hidden, sorted or selected against – all with a few logical clicks or taps.

Related data is shown in drill-down tabs.  For example, the people in a company are added to a tab called Team Member.  A drill down tab, called Role, lets you see and add roles for each member of your team.  Icons with floating tooltips help you to decide which drill down you need to review next.

This hierarchical representation of your data can be used to transform virtually any spreadsheet that you are maintaining laboriously, into an elegant, consistent, accurate, reliable storage for your mission-critical data.  No testing is needed as our tool-kit is pre-tested – the configuration process is error-free and you get a dedicated set of screens that directly meets your needs.  Our confidence in the efficiency of this system and its ability to deliver on your data management needs, leads us to provide you with a fixed price monthly or annual cost – that includes dedicated configuration needs that you have now or as you learn about the system’s inherent abilities. No cost plus support plans!  Really.

To summarize: your business operates a certain way, and is successful operating that way.  TeamWork Solutions apps help you business streamline your successful processes by using integrated apps for people in your team with roles like Accounts Payable, Project Manager, Accounts Receivable, Materials Manager, Equipment Manager, Procurement Manager, Estimator, Timekeeping, Cost Analyst, etc.  If you have a role that needs to be integrated, TeamWork Solutions has an app that supports that need.

Cloud-based Delivery

The cloud has provided a huge cost-savings opportunity for business and and organizations that are looking to save overhead costs.  The need for back-office hardware, such as servers, including the resources needed to run them, is negated.  Your data resides on secure servers that are managed to a level that your in-house teams would be hard-pressed to maintain, and in doing so would add huge costs.  Is your data safe in the cloud?  Your credit cards and bank data is safe – and has been for years. The same technology, including use of secure websites, is what is used to protect your data.  Backups are automatic and can even be backed to systems within your organization firewall, for extra peace of mind.

Cloud delivery means that you can access you data with any device from anywhere.  Imagine the benefits, and peace of mind that this brings? You can check in or be alerted to any critical event wherever and whenever you wish.

In summary: Cloud provides nothing but upsides and takes away a whole raft of downsides to running systems in-house.  You will save huge costs by being in the cloud.

Business-focused Consulting

Many organizations fill the need for system development and support by having an internal IT Group take on the task.  This IT Group has a problem from the get-go.  As an in-house group, their needs are equal to the needs of other entities in the business.  So, their focus and design thrust seldom actually meets the needs of the business people.  Software developed in house is also narrowly focused on currently identified needs.  So, as the business team gets more sophisticated and their needs evolve, the in-house software is not nearly as adaptable to evolving requirements.  The IT Group’s backlog increases.  They delivery cycles take longer.  The business team resorts to heavy spreadsheet use in order to get their needs met, while they wait for a better solution.  No one is happy.  This is a common scenario.  Luckily, we have a fix for this.

TeamWork Group’s DNA is finely tuned to listening to a client’s needs and fitting solutions to those identified needs.  This is far more difficult and time-consuming than simply building a solution and having you download it and use the parts of it that you wish to use.  If you need another function, download an app for that.  Integration between each of your apps would be nil.
TeamWork Consultants will work with your in-house IT teams to help them be more efficient in their support of the business teams.  Or, if you prefer, we can work directly with the business teams and get what they need even faster.

Takeaway:  TeamWork Group consultants are a key to simplifying the entire deployment of systems.  Your cost for deployment is around 25% of current ERP and CMMS deployments.  This savings is achieved by ensuring that your team’s business-driven needs are the primary focus, not the features and abilities of our solutions.

TeamWork Group’s people and its TeamWork Solutions apps are an adaptable, effective, least costly way to manage the complex business environment that thriving companies operate in today.

You are welcome to see for yourself how well we meet these assertions.  You invite to our business site is your ticket to learn more, get some real work done and help your company move to the next level in data management.

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