It’s Time to Stop Simply Making Do

At the recent American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers’ (afpm) Reliability and Maintenance Conference in San Antonio, I noticed a theme—turnaround, project, and maintenance managers are challenged to do more work while maintaining and running assets.

That work could include improved scope development starting 18 months prior to the turnaround, risk analysis, tracking lessons learned, improved safety process adherence, improved schedules and better cost management.

And—by the way—they are expected to do all of this with fewer resources and in less time. And to do it right the first time.

That’s the rock that they have at their backs.

The hard place in front of them?

They are provided with ERP systems and scheduling systems to manage their data. Anything that does not fit into these systems cleanly is manually and laboriously entered into an endless stream of Excel spreadsheets. This requires untold amounts of regular and overtime hours to be spent in the re-entry of data and the maintenance of spreadsheets whose data remains on an “island” and are prone to errors.

An informal poll of attendees at the AFPM meeting indicated that people are simply not happy with the tools provided. For example:

  • They are tired of maintaining spreadsheets, Powerpoints, documents, and emails that are required to simply keep tabs on all of the loose ends.
  • Communications with the steering committee are buried in emails.
  • Changes to the scope of work are deep in a spreadsheet somewhere.
  • A day’s work list has to be built in its own spreadsheet.

So, you and your peers make-do. You make do with the situation as it is because that is what is expected of you. Effectively, you have to operate between a rock (the work to be done) and a hard place (the make-do tools provided to do the work).

Do you think that this is an appropriate solution for our industry? Simply making-do? In most cases, you have no choice but to continue with the tools that have been provided. But, you don’t have to just make do. TeamWork Group provides a 21st century, web-based turnaround and maintenance-focused solution that ensures that you and your team no longer have to just make do.

Get the best outcomes for your turnaround projects and and routine maintenance programs. Make no compromises in your expectations for state-of-the-art scope development, risk analysis, estimating, budgeting, planning, contract management, scheduling, cost control, execution, lessons learned tracking, etc., all in a single coordinated tool that reflects the organization of your single coordinated team operating in your single coordinated plant.

This solution is the result of over 30 years of experience and research and on-site development. Our objective was to build a solution to be easy for your team to use, while dealing head-on with tough issues like period-based planning, parametric planning and logic, asset estimate history management, approvals tracking, scope change management, contract tracking, limited resource management, and live scheduling.

We even ensure that your investment in those corporate-supplied tools continues to be leveraged by aggressively integrating with these tools to make what they have to offer more compelling.

Are you ready to learn how to get your team to move to the next level? We are ready to help.
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It’s time to up our game in this industry and to stop simply “making do.”

Good luck in your upcoming turnaround projects and in meeting your maintenance objectives.