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Management Solution to build solid collaboration in-house and with partners?

What issue do you want to solve? Start small, or go all in, it's your choice.

Sick of your spreadsheet swamp? Need help in getting out?

Depressed about your deficient data? Need a sustainable data foundation?

Poor processes and procedure management? Require an aligned and measurable path to improvement?

What are you waiting for?.

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TeamWork Integrated Solutions Technology

Your full-spectrum solution on a common platform - Connecting your Clients, your Projects, your Team, your Processes
Welcome to TeamWork

How Can TeamWork Help us now? - Simple, direct Questions and Answers.

Can I have my spreadsheet imported and made available to others in my team on the web?

Yes. Send it to us and we'll make it available at your dedicated secure address on the web.

Can we have our project/turnaround KPIs displayed in a dashboard with ability to drill-down to details?

Yes. Send us your specifications and examples and we'll show you what's possible.

Can we review the scope of the solutions that you provide?

Yes. You can review the Needs Analysis app, in your secure https site, and use it to build, define and communicate your needs and concerns.

How can using TeamWork help us? More detailed examples.

Supports Companies, Agencies, Institutions and their Service Providers to integrate proccesses for:

Project and Program Management

Supports the lifecycle management of Projects and Programs enabling each stage of the process to leverage data from preceding stages.

Cost Management

Track WBS cost indexes like Estimate, Budget, Committed, Incurred, Expended, Earned, Forecast for each scope type and scope package.

Plan and Schedule Management

Tools to build a Plan linked to the Budget, apply resource limits and produce workable schedules and Target snapshots.

Relationship Management

Keep your vendors close, and your customers closer. Ensure that they are on the same page by providing real-time results with the integrated reporting system.

Earned Value Management

Use industry standard means for tracking progress on your plan and to earn value against your budget as a basis for accurate payment request for work done.

Turnaround & Maintenance Management

Process Plant and Facilties teams have consistent tools for their management to the shop floor teams, to ensure maximum schedule compliance to plans.

People Management

Manage your corporate office and field execution associates, including rates for cost estimating, tracking and billing.

Estimate and Bid Management

Build/Import Material takeoff (MTO) as a basis for estimating and use standard rates tables to build accurate pre-bid estimate.

Procurement Management

Manage Requistions, RFQs, POs, Receiving, Issuing, Shipping, Shop Inventory in support of project and company Procurement processes.

Time Management

Manage accrual of Incurred time against planned work by crews and by office personnel in dedicated timesheet entry modes.

Equipment and Facilities Management

Manage equipment and facilty rental and billing from delivery on site to shipping back to the vendor, and earn value for these costs.

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable

Track vendor and supplier invoices and use project data to produce timely, accurate, supported invoices to the customer.

Swamped in spreadsheets?, On a critical path cul-de-sac?, Confused cost tracking?, Burned with no Earned?, Profitless processes?, Collaboration-free zone?, Mind-numbing meetings?, Rudderless routine?

The silver lining to these clouds? Talk to TeamWork Group about: Integrated processes, collaboration, learning-enabled procedures.



Integrated, Collaborative Solution

Banish wasteful spreadsheets for managing your significant, shareable data. Enjoy the benefits of having your entire team leverage data that is in the system.

Cloud-Based Systems

Your solutions, your apps available anytime, on any device, safely and securely. THis is what the cloud and the internet technology has made possible as a very low price point.

Configured Reports and Screens

Configure simple reports and screen changes yourself. Or, have your TeamWork Associate do more complex changes for you easily and with minimal need for time-consuming testing.

Role-based Application

Each role has a group of functional objectives that is supported. This keep a user focused on dashboards and screens that are job-relevant.

Enterprise Level Security

Data is managed and protected by certain roles. Role and group-based access is layered into people's access to data. Data transferes are encrypted for security.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our legendary customer support is amazingly responsive to emailed or Tmailed (internal collaboration tool in TeamWork). Reports requests can be met in hours or days instead of weeks.

Scalable Operations

Project, programs, business, agencies, institutions, owners, contractors - of any size can be easily scaled using our cloud-based platform.

Free Updates

Your cloud connection keeps your system current and with the newest features and fixes - with little need for time-consuming testing cycles.

Backup Redundancies

Relax, knowing that multiple backup strategies are employed to ensure your data is safe and secure.